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Xender for BlackBerry: Xender is an all-in-one solution for those who are looking for a file-sharing application tool. It is the best and fastest file sharing app that works on almost all of the devices as it is a cross-platform supported device. With this, Xender is available for BlackBerry OS and thus you can let experience the best of file sharing and transferring at the fastest rate than ever. Although there are so many apps and file sharing medium available, Xender for BlackBerry is the right choice to take your files and data. You don’t want to rely on the external USB cable or the Bluetooth connection to transfer the files. Take advantage of all the oldest means of file sharing with the Xender application now on your device and transfer the files wirelessly. It will work 200 times faster than that of the Bluetooth connection and its maximum speed goes up to 10M/S. So you can easily share different types of files of any format as with this file sharing tool. It may be anything from music, videos, photos, movies, to documents, pdf, apps, etc. Besides this, you can even share more other data including the contacts, SMS, apks, games, and more. You can share any files of unlimited size from any place at any time as with the help of the Xender BlackBerry app. With the user-friendly interface of the Xender app, you can navigate to different sections with ease.

Xender for BlackBerry
Xender for BlackBerry

Xender for BlackBerry is a wireless means of file sharing app that works without the need of the internet connection. It has been the choice of more than 700 million active users from all over the world as with the impressive features. You don’t require an NFC and is faster than that of the AirDrop. So you don’t have to wait for so long to transfer files of small size as with the Xender Blackberry download. Wirelessly sharing the files from one or more devices is made even simpler and easier now with the Wifi direct connection. You don’t want to wait for one person to transfer files to one by one rather with the Xender application, you can share files at a maximum of five devices all at the same time. It is particularly useful when you wanted to transfer the same type of contents with multiple people all at once. With the Phone Replicate option, you can transfer all your data and phone contents like messages, contacts, etc from your old phone to new phone with ease with a few clicks. Never lose any of your important data from your old device as Xender app for BlackBerry will efficiently transfer the files. Taking your device contents to the PC is no more a complex thing and with Xender app, you can share files from/or to your desktop with one click as with the Connect PC feature.

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Features of Xender for BlackBerry

Send and receive files of any type with others easily now from your BlackBerry smartphone with Xender app. To know all of the salient features of the Xender BlackBerry App, you can get into the section below.

Xender for BlackBerry
Xender for BlackBerry
  • You can instantly send and receive files wirelessly from one device to another wirelessly for free as with the Xender BlackBerry app download.
  • Transfer any type of files at the fastest rate at 200 times faster than Bluetooth connectivity as with the Xender file sharing app.
  • Don’t rely on USB cable or Bluetooth as to transfer the files rather with the Xender app download, you can transfer your music, photos, videos, movies, audios, documents, pdf, apps, contacts, SMS, etc.
  • Xender BlackBerry app will neither restrict you with the size of the file or the file formats you wanted to share. So you can transfer any type of files at any size with ease.
  • You no need to depend on your internet connection and spend your bucks to transfer files anymore. Just download Xender app with which you can easily send and receive files of unlimited size at the cost of zero.
  • Xender app for BlackBerry will work without the need for any NFC connection wirelessly and at a faster rate than that of the AirDrop connectivity.
  • Send and receive files to multiple people all at once for up to four other devices connected together with the Xender Blackberry app. With the group sharing feature, you can share multiple files all at once to multiple people.
  • It works with the direct Wifi connection and the file transferring will takes place in a secured way possible without any loss in its original quality.
  • With the Connect PC feature, you can transfer your files from/to your BlackBerry Phone without the need for any cables or any other external medium.
  • Xender app will work as a file manager and so you can easily view, move, and delete the files you have received. Take a backup copy and delete those files which will eventually clear your device space.
  • Use the Phone Replicate feature to transfer your old phone contents to a new device with one click. It includes your contacts, photos, SMS, documents, and more others files.

Specifications of Xender for BlackBerry

The specifications of the Xender BlackBerry are given below

Developer: Xender Team (Anmobi.inc)
Release Date: 11-08-2015
Category: File Sharing
Supported Platform: BlackBerry
License: Freeware
Languages: Multiple Languages

How to Download Xender for BlackBerry?

Follow the step by step procedure from the below section to download Xender for BlackBerry OS with ease. As Xender app is not available in the BlackBerry Store, you have to rely on other methods to access Xender on Blackberry mobiles.

Step 1: Before downloading Xender, go to Settings > Systems > App manager -> Allow apps from other sources. (It lets you run the android apps on Blackberry).

Step 2: Now download the Xender apk file from the trusted third party website. To download the apk file, you have to open the web browser on your BlackBerry device and search for Xender apk and download it.

Step 3: Wait for the Xender to complete its downloading process on your BlackBerry device. Run the downloaded file and wait for a few minutes to complete the installation process.

Step 4: After installation, launch the app and start sharing your files from one device to another device.

Xender is also available for

How to Use Xender on BlackBerry?

Using Xender on BlackBerry is just the same as like accessing Xender Apk version. You can get to know how to use Xender on BlackBerry.

Step 1: At first, you have to open the Xender app which you have downloaded and tap on the Send button. With this, a hotspot will be opened with which other Xender users can connect.

Step 2: Now open the Xender app on the receiver device and click on the Receive button.

Xender for BlackBerry
Xender for BlackBerry

Step 3: From the receiver device, the user will see the hotspot name of the sender device. Just click on the Sender’s Name to join the group.

Xender for BlackBerry
Xender for BlackBerry

Step 4: As soon as the sender and receiver device is connected, the sender can select any files of any sizes and then tap on the send button. Now the receiver device will get those files in seconds.

Xender for BlackBerry
Xender for BlackBerry

Step 5: If you wanted to connect with the desktop, then click on the Connect PC option from Xender mobile app and then you can start transferring the data.

Hope the article about Xender for BlackBerry is useful to you in dealing with it. If you have any queries, then you can comment us below and we will help you out.

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