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All of the different app stores have been witnessing the emerging of a large number of apps that are classified under a multitude of categories. Utilities section is one amongst others that will list apps that are needed for everyday use. It includes the file-sharing apps, and the article will deal more in detail about the Xender application. You will find detailed information about the app right from this Xender Wiki article. It would be useful for those who are new to the Xender app as well as those who wanted to know the features of this file transfer app.

Xender Wiki

What is Xender? [History]

Xender is a file transferring and sharing app that is available for both mobile and PC. It has been developed by Xender Team (initially named as Anmobi.inc) members named SS Chandwara, Lokesh Narwani, and Tingu Urf Tikiya. In 2012, Xender was originally published in China and was initially named Shan Chuan. While outside the country, it was known to be Flash Transfer. Soon in 2003, it was officially renamed Xender and made available in multiple languages. It can be accessed from the major operating systems like Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Tizen. Those desktop users from Windows PC and Mac PC can opt for the Xender web version. It has been the world’s leading app to transfer files as it offers its users the convenience of file transferring across different devices.

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Main Features

Xender file transfer and sharing app has eliminated the need for external USB cables, Bluetooth connectivity, cellular internet connection, or WiFi connection. It is a file transfer app with which you can share different types and sizes of files between devices.

The file transferring app is better known for its speed and convenience of file transferring. It supports multiple connections, and you can share files between one to four other devices simultaneously. You can use it to archive data files like contacts, messages, photos, music, videos, apps, etc.

Xender app uses the hotspot signals to transfer files while the fastest speed may reach up to 40 MB/sec. Those with Android and iOS smartphone users can select the file and use the Shake feature to share files just by shaking the phone to the connected device. Use the Group feature of the Xender app to transfer files simultaneously to more than one participant.

Xender Web

Aside from using the Xender app on smartphones, you can even use it on the desktop platform. It has been officially available as the web version for PC and so you can instantly transfer files between your smartphone and desktop. As Xender is available as the web version, you can use it even if your PC is running out of memory.

Xender Web
Xender Web

Transfer files without cables or Bluetooth connectivity using Xender web. You can use the Connect PC feature to access the smartphone contents like photos, music, contacts, documents, messages from your desktop PC. Make sure your mobile and PC are connected to the same WiFi connection as to transfer files instantly.

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Xender is rated to be the best file-sharing app that will satisfy all your file-sharing needs. It will transfer files at a flash speed, and you shall let experience all-in-one file transfer and sharing. As Xender works wirelessly, you can access it any time from anywhere with ease. Whether you wanted to transfer files between smartphone or desktop, Xender does that efficiently.

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