How to resolve Xender Not Working issue [Quick Solution]

Sharing files from different devices wouldn’t be simpler and easier without the file transferring apps. Xender is one-of-its-kind with which you can share any type of files wirelessly. It has been the better alternative to the oldest means of file sharing like USB cable, Bluetooth, NFC, etc. At zero cost, Xender will share your files across devices. All you need to have is the Xender app installed on both the sender and receiver device with hotspot enabled. Transfer any files of unlimited size with one tap using the Xender application. It will work fine in most cases and however, you may see Xender not working issues in the rarest case due to various reasons. When in such a scenario, you should fix it up as to let enjoy sharing files between one or more device.

Xender Not Working
Xender Not Working

Without resolving the Xender not working issues, you will not be able to access all its features. Let it be sending or receiving files, it is vital to identify the cause of this problem and fix it up. Only then, you can carry out file transferring instantly. Xender app should work properly to share the files to one device or multiple devices all at once. The article deals all about Xender not working issues and the possible ways to fix them up in detail. Take a look at the Xender not working fixes and you can opt for any of them to share files without any hassle.

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Possible Ways to Fix Xender Not Working Issue

With a detailed analysis, given here are the possible ways to fix Xender not working issue. You can try each one to fix up this problem to share files on the go.

Possible Fix 1: Start Xender App Again

If you get Xender not working issue, just close the app and open it again on any of the device you are using it. With this, the Xender file transferring app will work fine and it would fix up any of the possible issues including not working issue.

Possible Fix 2: Turn off WiFi/Data

As Xender don’t use the internet connection to transfer files, you may face issues when the data or Wifi connection is enabled. So you can turn off the internet connection on your device to check if Xender not working issue gets resolved or not. To turn off the internet follow the procedure given below.

#1. Go to device Settings to choose Networks & Internet option.

#2. Tap on the slider to turn off the data or Wifi connection.

Possible Fix 3: Clear Cache

When the cache memory of the Xender app is full, then it may be the reason for Xender not working issue at times. You must clear the cache to fix up this issue. You have to follow the steps given below to clear cache of the Xender app.

#1. Go to Android Settings > click on Apps section.

#2. Scroll down to find Xender app and click on it.

#3. You will see Clear Cache option on the Xender app and with this, the cache memory will be cleared.

Possible Fix 4: Reset Xender App

When the above fix fails, then you can try to reset the Xender app on your Android device. By clearing the app data, you will not face any such issues with Xender app. To reset Xender app, you can follow the steps given below.

#1. You have to go to Settings > click on Apps option.

#2. Find Xender app and make a click on it.

#3. Click on Clear Data option. With this Xender app will be reset and you would have fixed Xender not working issue.

Possible Fix 5: Uninstall & Reinstall Xender App

You can try to install the updated version of Xender app on your device to resolve Xender not working issue. It would sure fix up any possible errors that come with the Xender app. So you can just uninstall the old version of the Xender app and install it back. To reinstall the Xender app, you have to follow the procedure given below.

#1. Initially, you have to uninstall the Xender app on your device.

#2. Go to Apps Store on your Android/iOS device and click on the search bar.

#3. Type in as Xender and you have to click on the logo of it from the suggestions list.

#4. Click on Install/Get option to install the latest version of Xender app.

Click Install
Click Install

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Possible Fix 6: Check for Wifi Hotspot

You may face Xender not loading issue while transferring files from one device to another at times. In such a case, you have to check if the devices to which you are transferring files are connected to the same Wifi hotspot. With this, the issue can be resolved easily.

Any of the possible fixes would resolve Xender not working issue on your device and you may opt for anything.

Hope the article has helped you in resolving the Xender not Working issue as with the possible fixes. In case of any other queries regarding the same, you can comment us.

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