Xender vs SHAREit – Find out Which File Sharing app is Better?

Xender and SHAREit are the most popularly known file transfer sharing app in the store with which transferring files and data has been made faster than ever. Both of the apps has been the choice of more than 100 millions users and thus they compete each other as a rival. It is quite obvious that there might be some common feature as both of them are the file sharing app. To make things more interesting, a comparison has been made between them by considering different factors. However, both of them are the best file sharing transferring app with which you can wirelessly share files across devices.

Xender vs SHAREit
Xender vs SHAREit

Xender and SHAREit has their own advantages and limitations and it can be found out when the salient features are compared with each other. Both SHARE it and Xender shares more common feature while they differ from each other with few unique features. To make things more clear, you will see the common features of Xender and SHAREit and on following it, you will get to know their distinct features . So at the end of this article, you will get the detailed review of Xender vs SHAREit and which is the best of the best file sharing app.

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Xender vs SHAREit – Common Features

Both being a file transfer sharing app, it is certain for both of them to have some common features. Take a look at all of them in brief from the section below.

1. File Transferring Speed

The file transferring speed is the first thing that would be taken into consideration before choosing the file transferring app. The transfer speed of the Xender and SHAREit file sharing app seems to be same. Both transfers at 200 times faster than Bluetooth connection.

The highest speed of SHAREit can reach up to 20 M/s while Xender is 40 M/s. However, the highest speed depends of some external factors like the the distance between the devices, WiFi interface, etc.

Verdict: SHAREit has the fastest transferring rate.

2. Supported File Types

Next to the transferring speed, the most important thing considered is the type of file formats supported by the file transferring app. In such a case, Xender and SHAREit transfers almost the same type of files like photos, videos, music, movies, documents, PDFs, zip files, and apps. Also, both the apps can handle transferring the files of any size.

Verdict: Both Xender and SHAREit supports same file types.

3. User Interface

The interface of the file sharing app should be simple and user-friendly to transfer files instantly.

Xender has a neat, elegant interface that has classified categories for easier navigation. It lets you select the files from the respective category and transfer it with one click. Although the interface of the SHAREit app is easy and user-friendly, it is an ad-supported file sharing app. You can open, install, uninstall, delete, and view files easily.

Verdict: Xender seems to be the most simple-to-use file transferring app.

4. Network Free Connection

File sharing applications like Xender and SHAREit will transfer files of any size wirelessly. You need not depend on the external cable connection, internet, data connection. Both the file transferring apps can be used from anywhere anytime.

Verdict: Both SHAREit and Xender works wirelessly.

5. Multiple Sharing

File sharing apps supports group sharing besides one-on-one file sharing and thus Xender and SHAREit isn’t an exception.

You can use Xender or SHAREit to transfer the same type of files to multiple devices of up to 4 at the same time. Just by inviting the friends, you can share files simultaneously with one-click.

Xender vs SHAREit
Xender vs SHAREit

Verdict: Both Xender and SHAREit supports group sharing of up to 4 devices.

6. Supported Platforms

Most of the file sharing apps including Xender and SHAREit can be accessed from different platforms as they are cross-platform supported apps.

You can use Xender app Android and iOS phones/tablets, Windows and Mac PC, Tizen devices. SHAREit can be used on Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows and Mac PC. Both the apps has a web version too that can be accessed without downloading the app.

Xender is available in 21 different languages while SHAREit supports 39 languages of the world.

Verdict: Xender seems to support more platforms than SHAREit. However, SHAREit seems to be available in more languages.

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Xender vs SHAREit Unique Features

There are wide number of distinctive features available when it comes to Xender vs SHAREit. Take a look at the unique features of Xender and SHAREit from below.

1. Access Connected Device

Xender lets you take a look at the apps, videos, music, documents, apps etc, available on one another connected device. When it comes to apk, then Xender will only transfer the apk file and you have to install it manually. SHAREit don’t support this feature.

Verdict: Xender seems to be the best as it has the unique feature. Note: This feature can be accessed only if the Xender user grants the permission for one another device to access it. So your privacy is completely protected from unknown recipient.

2. Supports Transferring Folder

SHAREit can be used to share not only files but also the folders. So you can easily share your entire folder with photos or music with one tap using SHAREit. Xender app don’t supports transferring the entire folder although it shows the contents in the folder form.

Verdict: SHAREit seems to be the best when in case of folder transfer support.

3. Video Player Support

SHAREit supports playing videos of any type as it has the support for the video player. You can also find trending music in high-quality as with this file sharing app. It given you immersive experience as it has the elegant music player too. Xender seems to lack this feature.

Xender vs SHAREit
Xender vs SHAREit

Verdict: SHAREit stands out when compared with Xender when it comes to this feature.

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4. Hide Files

Xender supports hiding files from other to access it. Never keep anything important on the main screen of Xender. Just hide such contents by selecting it, click on menu option and select Hide. SHAREit don’t have such feature.

Xender vs SHAREit
Xender vs SHAREit

Verdict: Xender seems to hold the place as with this hiding feature which is absent in SHAREit.


Xender and SHAREit are definitely worth using file sharing apps and both has common features along with few unique features. Few others would opt for SHAREit for all its features. SHAREit and Xender are freeware and the best of it varies from person to person. Some may find Xender as the best of best when compared with the SHAREit app features while others opt for SHAREit as the best.

We hope that you have got useful contents about Xender vs SHAREit in this article. Comment us your favourite file transferring app and its reason.

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