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Xender for Mac PC: Xender for Mac is a totally unique file sharing application with which you can send and receive any type of files across other devices with ease. There have been apps developed for various needs of us in which the file sharing apps are one among them. Once sharing files from one device to another seems to be a tougher and time taking process. But later with the invention of apps, transferring files and data across the device is the simplest thing. You can take ultimate advantage of all the oldest means of file sharing means now as with the Xender application and transfer your files at a rapid speed. No more relying on the USB cable or Bluetooth to transmit your files rather, all you need to do is to just download Xender Mac app and start sharing your data. Xender is a multi-platform supported application and thus you can take your files across all the supported devices. You can send and receive different file formats like photos, music, videos, movies, documents, PDFs, contacts, SMS, and even the apps as with the help of the Xender Mac download. Thus, you will never have any restrictions when it comes to sharing any type of files and contents as with this file sharing tool.

xender for mac

Download Xender for Mac as it is an all-in-one file transfer and sharing tool with which you will let experience the fastest means of file sharing. You don’t want to rely on the wired cables to take your contents from/to your Mac. With the Xender Mac app, you can share files of any type wirelessly without the need of the cable. Apart from this, you aren’t limited to the size of the file you are sharing via Xender for Macbook app as it supported transferring any file size. It will transfer the files at a faster than the faster rate and is 200 times more speed than the Bluetooth connection. The highest file transferring speed will reach up to 10 M/S. All the files which you transfer through the Xender app will retain its original quality and there will be no loss in its file size. Xender Mac app download will not use your internet connection and accessing all of the features of this file sharing tool is free. As to transfer the files, Xender app will create a direct Wifi connection where both the sender and receiver device must use the same connection to transmit the files securely. Aside from one-on-one sharing, you can share multiple files with up to four other Xender app users with a group sharing feature.

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Features of Xender for Mac PC

Xender is a file sharing app and it has many unique features when compared with its rivals. Get into the below section to find all the features of Xender Mac app.

Xender for Mac
Xender for Mac
  • With Xender for Mac download, you can send and receive files and data at a faster rate from/to your Mac PC as it is the fastest file transfer and sharing tool that works 200 faster than Bluetooth.
  • Share and transfer files of any kind including the pictures, videos, music, documents, pdf, movies, audio, apps, contacts, SMS, and anything more without any limitations as with the Xender Mac Download.
  • It is possible to take all your files between different devices now without the need of any USB cable support. Share files wirelessly at any time from anywhere now from your Mac between devices.
  • You can share files and data of any size without any limits as the Xender app will transfer even the larger files like movies with ease at a faster rate.
  • Share the same type of files with more than one receiver as with Xender group sharing feature with up to four other devices of any platform.
  • All the files will retain its original size and quality and thus you will be able to get access to the files just like its original version as with the Xender for Mac free download.
  • Xender for Macbook will work without the need of internet or Wifi connection and so you will let experience the fastest file sharing at the cost of zero.
  • It is faster than Bluetooth, easier than AirDrop, and you can transfer files and more other contents without the need for the NFC.
  • To transfer files, you don’t want to download or install any software as Xender is an all-in-one file sharing tool that will let you share files with one click across devices.
  • Send and receive files across different devices of the different platform as with the Xender Mac file sharing app as it supports cross-platform including smartphones.
  • The highest file transferring rate will be achieved while accessing the Xender Mac app as it will take your files at a flashing speed of about 10 M/S.
  • You can view, move, and delete the files you received via Xender for Mac Download. Create a backup copy as it will act as a file manager and thus you can take control of your files.
  • With the Connect PC option of Xender app, you can get access to the smartphone data like the photos, videos, music, etc from your Mac desktop PC with ease.

Specifications of Xender for Mac PC

The specifications of the Xender for Mac PC are given below

Developer: Xender Team (Anmobi.inc)
Release Date: 11-08-2015
Category: File Sharing
Supported Platform: Mac OS
License: Freeware
Languages: Multiple Languages

Methods to Download Xender for Mac PC

To everyone’s knowledge, Xender is an amazing file transferring tool with which you can send and receive files across devices right from your Mac PC. There isn’t an official version of Xender app made available for the Mac in the Mac app store. However, you can download Xender app for Mac by alternative techniques. You can get into the below section of this article to find the different methods available with which you can download Xender Mac app. With this, you will be able to send and receive files from/to your Mac PC as with the help of the Xender app.

  • Method 1: Steps to Download Xender for Mac PC via Android Emulator
  • Method 2: How to use Xender for Mac PC via Xender Web

Method 1: Step to Download Xender for Mac via Android Emulator

Although the Xender app isn’t made available officially for the desktop platforms, it is possible to get it for the Mac. With the download and installation of any Android emulator like the BlueStacks or Andyroid, you will be able to use the Xender app on your Mac. It is so as the emulator will give access to the Google Play Store and thus you can get the Xender apk version on your Mac. Get access to all of the salient features of Xender app with the help of an Android emulator. Both BlueStacks and Andyroid works the best when it comes to accessing the Android apps on Mac PC. You can get down and follow the steps to download Xender app for Mac via an Android emulator.

Step 1: At first, download and install Bluestacks Emulator on Mac.

Step 2: Launch the emulator and sign in your Google account data. So you need to provide your Gmail id and password as a login id to access the Google Play Store. With this, you will be able to access the Xender on your Mac PC.

Xender for Mac
Download Xender for Mac

Step 3: Now the Android emulator will start to sync itself with the Play Store. Once after this, you can type in as Xender app by using the search bar of the Play Store via the emulator. Tap the Search Play for Xender button given below to start searching for the Xender app.

Step 4: The search result will show the Xender app from the Play Store with a list of other related apps. You have to click on the logo of Xender file sharing and transferring app to open it.

Step 5: You will be taken to the page in which the Xender app in the Play Store is available as with the help of the Android emulator. You have to click on the Install button to start Xender app download.

Xender for Mac
Download Xender for Mac

Step 6: Wait for few seconds for the Xender app to get downloaded installed on your device. Then you may have to go to the My Apps section of the Android emulator to find Xender app.

Step 7: Click on the logo of Xender app and it will automatically open it. Upon successful installation of Xender app on Mac PC, you can use it to transfer the files of any type across other devices with ease.

Xender for Mac
Xender for Mac Download

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Method 2: How to use Xender for Mac via Xender Web

If you want to use Xender app to use it directly without using any third-party apps like the Android emulator, then this method would help you out. It is all the way important to have the latest version of Xender app installed on your device once before accessing the web version. Xender Web is an alternative way to the above methods which can use the Xender app on the Web without occupying your device space as like the previous method. With the Xender web version, you will be getting the same similar features as like that of the Xender app on your Mac. You can quickly transfer the files and data to anyone with ease. Just like stated above, you don’t want to download any third-party apps or software.

Xender for Mac
Download Xender Mac

Xender web version is ultimately a browser-based option and it doesn’t occupy plenty of device space, unlike the first method. So you can start to share the files of any type and at any size with one click instantly. As to use the Xender web version on your Mac, you have to open the browser, type in as Xender web and click again on the search bar. Click on the official web page of Xender Web and you will be redirected to its homepage. You can scan the QR code that is shown in the Xender Web on Mac PC from any of your smartphones with Xender app installed on it. Xender app will log in automatically on PC and you will be able to transfer different files including the pictures, videos, music, movies, SMS, contacts, PDFs, documents, apps, and more between your Mac PC and smartphone or vice versa.

Xender is also available for

How to use Xender on Mac PC?

Once you have downloaded the Xender app on your Mac PC, you will be able to use all of its features and thereby transfer the files and data across other devices. Accessing Xender for Mac app is simple, easy, and straightforward as the interface is designed to be user-friendly. So, accessing all of the Xender Mac app features and navigating between the different sections is simple. Even those who are new to Xender can do it without any hassle. You can follow the steps from below to find out how to use Xender on Mac PC and thereby transfer the files.

Step 1: Click on the Xender app to open it on your Mac. It is a primary step when it comes to sharing files either using a Xender app downloaded via an Android emulator or the Xender Web version.

Step 2: The primary necessity is to create your own profile by providing your basic details if you are opening Xender for the first time. Then tap on the Start button to start transferring files.

Xender for Mac
Xender for Mac

Step 3: Now the Xender app will show you the available files on your device that can be transferred. You can select anything from there to transfer it. Click on Connect Phone feature on your device to start sharing any files.

Step 4: Xender app will open its direct Wifi connection and you can check for the devices with same Wifi that is available nearby. Now you can click on the devices with which you wanted to establish a connection.

Step 5: You will be prompted with a notification pop-up that will ask if you wanted to create a sharing group or you want to join the existing one. By clicking on the Create Group option, your Xender app will create a sharing group. Alternatively, if you have clicked on the Join Group option, then you would receive the files from other devices.

Xender for Mac
Xender for Mac

Step 6: The sharing link will be created and it will be displayed on your Mac screen. On the other side, the receiver device users must click on the same link in order to start transferring the files securely between Mac PC and phone.

Xender for Mac
Xender for Mac

Step 7: Choose the necessary files which you wanted to share via Xender Mac app and it will be transferred across the respective devices with one click.

Xender for Mac
Xender for Mac

Hope the article is useful to in dealing with Xender for Mac PC. If you have any queries, then you can comment us below and we would resolve it.

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