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Xender has reached a great hype as with the simple yet powerful file transferring features it is offering. As it is the fastest file transferring medium, it has been the choice of more than 500 million users from all over the world. Although there have been lots of file transferring apps available, Xender is rated as the best free transferring app as it fulfils all your file sharing needs. With every new release, there will be some improvements done when compared with the Xender old version. The article will cover details about Xender app old version and the steps to download it. You may get into the section below to find more about Xender old version.

Xender Old Version
Xender Old Version

Undoubtedly, Xender app is the most popular file transferring application in the market with which you can send and receive files on the go instantly. It will transfer at a lightning fast speed and the maximum file transfer rate goes up to 40 Mb/s. You need no cables, no internet, and no data to transfer files as Xender transfer file wirelessly. Without any limits, you can share your files with any device with Xender installed in it. Take advantage of all the oldest means of file sharing like Bluetooth, NFC, etc by using the Xender app. The user-friendly design of the Xender app

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Need for Xender Old Version

Accessing Xender new version is all the way important and however, there are few who wish to access the Xender old version. There are several reasons for which Xender apk old version is preferred by many. Some of the reasons for the need for Xender old version is discussed in the below section and you may take a look at all of them.

1. Whenever there is a new update, the new feature wouldn’t be that impressive when compared with the old feature. in such a case, Xender user would look for the older version.

2. Sometimes, the device used by a Xender user wouldn’t compatible with the new release. So to get rid of this issue, Xender old version would be preferred by many.

Xender App Old Version
Xender App Old Version

3. If there is any errors or bugs associated with the Xender new version, then its users would look for the Xender download old version to stay focused on sharing files without any limits.

4. The interface of the new Xender wouldn’t be that attractive for few of its users and it may also be the reason for them to choose the Xender app old version for their device.

So in all such scenario, accessing the Xender old version can be preferred by its users.

How to Download Xender Old Version

Xender old version download is unlike the Xender new version download. It is because the latest version of Xender app can be downloaded directly from the official App Store of the respective platforms. However, getting the Xender apk old version isn’t that straightforward. You have to deal with the new procedure to download Xender old version for your device and the below section would help you out.

Step 1: Go to Settings on your device, tap on the Personal > Security > Device Administration > you have to enable Unknown Sources option on your device to install an apk file.

Step 2: Open the web browser on your device and launch the Google search.

Step 3: Search for Xender apk old version.

Step 4: From the search result, you have to choose any trusted website to download Xender old version.

Step 5: You can click on any Xender old version to download it for your device.

Step 6: Wait for the Xender Apk to complete its installation. Now, you have to locate the apk file and click on it to open it on your device.

Xender Old Version Download
Xender Old Version Download

Step 7: Accept the permission on the next screen and with this, the installation of Xender apk old version will end up.

That’s it and you have successfully installed the Xender old version on your device.

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Features on Xender Old Version

Take a look at the last few Xender old version and the new features it has from the following section.

Xender Old Version 4.3.2

  • Connection optimization is done
  • Known bugs are fixed

Xender Old Version 4.1.2

  • Phone replication feature is added back
  • Optimization id done in the user-interface
  • Fixed known bugs

Xender Old Version 4.0.0622(382)

  • Ads are removed
  • Removed the Phone Replicate feature
  • Language can be changed within the app
  • Added dark theme
  • Known bugs are fixed

Xender Old Version 4.0.0402(369)

  • Support for Android 8.0
  • Fixed know bugs from the previous version

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Xender Old Versions

  • Xender Version 4.3.2. PRIME
  • Xender Version 4.2.6. PRIME
  • Xender Version 4.2.2. GO
  • Xender Version 4.1.2. PRIME
  • Xender Version 4.1.1. PRIME
  • Xender Version 4.1.0. PRIME
  • Xender Version 4.0.0717. PRIME
  • Xender Version 4.0.0622
  • Xender Version 4.0.0402
  • Xender Version 4.0.0316
  • Xender Version 4.0.0205
  • Xender Version 3.9.1130
  • Xender Version 3.9.1101
  • Xender Version 3.9.0829
  • Xender Version 3.9.0707
  • Xender Version 3.9.0605
  • Xender Version 3.9.0505
  • Xender Version 3.9.0428
  • Xender Version 3.9.0327
  • Xender Version 3.4.0119
  • Xender Version 3.3.1219
  • Xender Version 3.2.0823
  • Xender Version 3.1.0329
  • Xender Version 3.0.0924
  • Xender Version 3.0.0521
  • Xender Version 2.2.0123
  • Xender Version 2.2.1226
  • Xender Version 2.2.1118

Hope the article about Xender Old Version provided useful information to you. If you have any queries, you can comment us below and we shall rectify it.

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