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Xender for Jio Phone: Sharing files has been made simpler, faster, and easier than ever as with the file transfer apps. Xender is one amongst the best file transferring apps that can be accessed from multiple platforms. So the Jio Phone isn’t an exception and you can use Xender on it to share files. It is the best of file sharing app that will fulfill all your file sharing needs with one-click. You can download Xender for Jio Phone and share any type of files at any time. You can take advantage of the oldest file transferring means by using the Xender app. It neither use your internet nor the Wifi while transferring files. You don’t even need the external USB or installation of any software to transmit files as Xender on Jio Phone will transfer files wirelessly.

Xender for Jio Phone
Xender for Jio Phone

With the Xender for Jio Phone, you aren’t limited with the type of file you are sharing. So you can transfer files from photos, videos, music, to documents, movies, and even apps. It works 200 times faster than the Bluetooth connection while the highest transferring rate can reach up to 40Mb/s. Xender Jio phone app will not even limit you with the size of the file you are transferring as it supports unlimited file size. Despite the file size and type, the file transfer app will also retain the original quality of any files that are being shared. With Xender on Jio phone, you can take your files from one device to another without the need for NFC and it works easier than the AirDrop.

More than 100 million files are transferred every day by more than 500 million Xender users. It uses a direct wifi connection and connects with one or more devices with Xender for Jio Phone Download. So you can use Xender on Jio Phone to share files to one device or invite friends to join the group and share the same type of files to four other devices at the same time. With the phone replicate option, you will be able to switch mobile data like contacts, photos, music, SMS, games, and more from your old phone to a new device with one-tap. You can use Xender jio phone app as a file manager and thereby view, move, or delete the files that you have received. In the same way, you can even take a backup copy of the files and clean your device storage.

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How to Download Xender for Jio Phone

Xender app isn’t officially available for Jio Mobile phones. Instead of Xender app, Jio phone users can use the Jio Share to transfer the files from one device to another device.

The article has covered all the information about Xender for Jio Phone. In case of any queries, you can comment below.

Xender also supports on iPhone, Blackberry, Samsung

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